Is Entrepreneurship A Person Who Organizes And Manages Any Enterprise?

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Everyone in life has their own purpose. That purpose is in the form of a career. My purpose is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a person who organizes and manages any enterprise. Pertaining to entrepreneurship, I chose this career for many reasons. The biggest reason is that I have always enjoyed business related classes. Classes such as accounting, economics, and business and management. Another reason is because being an entrepreneur means you’re a leader. I want be a role model for the future generation. When you decide to associate with a career, the most important quality is to excel at it. I believe a person cannot consider themselves as an entrepreneur, unless they’re a successful entrepreneur. Before people are able to have a career, they have to be educated and trained. This is where disciplines and majors come into play. Both things are similar yet different. A discipline is a branch of knowledge is that is taught and researched. Whereas, a major is a specific subject that an individual specializes in. They’re similar in the way that both involving learning about material of academic value. The difference is that a major is more definitive, while a discipline is more broad and covers a set of subjects. Pertaining to entrepreneurship, there are disciplines and majors that correlate with it. Disciplines such as business and economics. As for majors, those include accounting, marketing, and finance. The main purpose of these majors and disciplines is to prepare…

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