Is Education Something We Can Only Obtain Through Our School System?

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Learning, what is it? Is it only, how it is defined, as the “acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught?” Is education something we can only obtain through our school system? Education actually begins when we are born; a voyage that has commenced, as we experience new things we develop and learn spiritually and intellectually. Socrates questioned what no man had before, rather than writing books he passed on his knowledge orally. Socrates pursued wisdom in his travels, and wanted to share what he learned with his fellow travelers, like Meno. Meno and Socrates call this journey “recollection”; to them we learn best when our already existing knowledge is questioned.
“You realize, Meno, what point he has reached in his recollection. At first he did not know what the basic line of the eight-foot square was; even now he does not yet know, but then he thought he knew, and answered confidently as if he did know, and he id not think himself at a loss, but now he does think himself at a loss, and he does not know, neither does he think he knows.” (84b) Meno did not understand how one could go searching for something if they do not know what it is they are looking for, so Socrates gave him a geometric example. In this example the boy was extremely confident with himself for he had been taught geometry, but when Socrates gave him a question he was not to sure of the answer. However, the boy remained confident with himself, he kept answering…

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