Essay about Is Education Necessary For School Education?

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What is education? This question could receive millions of answers and still never be correctly explained. That is because education is a broad term that is incapable of being accurately defined. With that being said, the purpose of education also is enlarged by the way we identify it. Many would agree that the educational system we currently have recognizes education as something that is measurable with standardized testing, grades, and teacher evaluations. However, education is more than just being able to memorize a great deal of content and write it down. The complications with school education need to be recognized and reevaluated in schools principally because it is the truly the beginning stage to learning in life. When you recognized the problems with something you can discover the purpose of it along the way.

The material taught in schools is one of many reasons why students dislike education. One complication with our educational system is that it offers us simplified subjects that don’t teach us to master the rare skill of evaluating books with ambiguity and contradiction. Prose wrote in one of her essays, “ Rather than exposing students to works of literature that expand their capacities and vocabularies, sharpen their comprehension, and deepen the level at which they think and feel, we either offer them “easy” books that “anyone” can understand, or we serve up the tougher works predigested”. In regard to the student we need to present them with complicated…

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