Is Education A Business? Essay

1260 Words Apr 16th, 2015 null Page
Is education a business? In today’s world there are many kinds of business, and education is also one of those businesses. No, education is not a business but it means gaining knowledge. Education is one of the important aspect in everyone lives, which businesses turned that importance into profit. Many students pursue their education till high school and stop, they don’t go further to colleges or university to study. There are many reasons for this issue, but the main reason is the expenses that students can’t afford to pay. To make the country more efficient and economical, the government should make the education free to some extent; it will create more educated people, more resources and crime may decrease.
Education is nothing but gaining knowledge. This knowledge doesn’t come easily, and people should work hard to achieve it. To achieve this knowledge students go to school, colleges or universities. Many students stop their education in high school even if they want to further improve their knowledge in colleges, due to college expenses. Many countries like Germany and other European countries have their education free from kindergarten to university level. As tuition fees rise, people from countries like United Kingdom, United States come to Europe countries as an alternative option to pursue their further education because of free education. “Lisa Barrington, from the Wirral, is one Briton who has taken the plunge and left the UK in search of affordable education.…

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