Is Dungeons & Dragons? Essay

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To live out an adventurous story, where a small group of friends band together to become the heroes fighting danger and inventing new ways to solve problems, this is Dungeons & Dragons. Ethan Gilsdorf, D&D enthusiast, explained in his TEDx talk that many tweens sat in their basements eating chips and gorging themselves on Mountain Dew while playing this new exciting take on a classic type war game . Magic, adventure, companionship, and ridiculousness become available to each player. Gilsdorf expressed that, especially for those whom may have a harder time socializing with large groups of people this game was a godsend . Allowing small groups to get together and bond over a mutual weirdness, The Player’s Handbook: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons expanded this vast universe, permitting beautifully individual campaigns and adventures to develop within one’s very home. In order to fully appreciate the majesty that is Dungeons & Dragons one must take into consideration the creation and contents of The Player’s Handbook, the initial reactions, and the impact it has had on games and people today.
Reported by Paul La Farge, author and D&D player, Dungeons & Dragons was initially a collaborative effort of Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, first published in 1974 . Gygax and Arneson were both inspired by their love of tabletop war games, and worked together to create the first publishable set of rules for their own fantasy wargame, based on Arneson’s game Blackmoor, which later turned into…

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