Is Drenches A Liquid Formulation For Oral Administration? Essays

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Drenches is a liquid formulation for oral administration that is used to kill internal and external parasites especially in sheep. It is used in the worm control on any farms. Drenches is also known as anthelmintics as they contain active ingredients that kill the helminths in the stomach. Basically, there are three major types of drenches which are the suspensions, solutions and emulsions. (P.Junquera, 2015) Drenches can be a “broad spectrum” when they treat an extensive range of internal parasites or “narrow spectrum” when they treat only a restricted range of internal parasites. (Sheep Worms: Signs, Management Plan, Control, & Drenching, 2015) There are several “chemical family” groups in drenches as each of them have a specific mode of action on the worm. Drench test can be carried out regularly to ensure the effectiveness of certain drenches to a particular parasitic worm. Several steps have to be taken carefully as well when drenching as inappropriate drenching may cause the drench resistance. Combinations of various drenches are implemented in order to prevent the occurrence of drench resistance whereby the worms are resistant to a certain type of drenches. (Drenches, n.d.) Thus, it is very important to preserve several effective drenches to cope with this problem.

Major Types of Drenches
(a) Suspensions
• The active ingredient is a small sized particle which can swim in the liquid.
• They used to swim as they are insoluble in liquid.
• Assemble the…

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