Is Donald Trump A Moral And Moral Standards? Essay examples

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All humans aim to be successful in life, many literary pieces demonstrate how people will do anything in order to gain success, or stay alive. Many are consumed by the idea of advancing in society and in power, and this leads to people to lack both loyalty to others and moral standards. Many literary pieces demonstrate that humans are driven by both self gain and self preservation, and sometimes the obsession with this idea leads many to lack morals and cast away loyalties. All humans hope to advance their position in life at some point, and for many success is considered the driving factor of existence. Society is set up so that the higher up you are the better your life will be, this ideal leads to many casting away moral standards in order to climb up this social ladder. Donald Trump is an example of someone who disregards moral ideals in an attempt of self-gain. Today, the idea that all people have equal rights and freedom of speech is stressed throughout our nation. All people have a right to express their ideas, but at a Donald Trump rally, 2 protesters were met with an abuse of power, “Standing before a crowd of supporters and acting on an impulse, he piled on, ordering security personnel at the event to seize the coats of the protestors in addition to kicking them out. ‘Get him outta there! Don’t give him his coat,’ he said on one occasion” (The atlantic). Donald Trump refuses to give protesters freedom of speech to his ideas. He is instead consumed by the power at…

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