Is Donald Trump A Controversial Figure? Essay

1589 Words Mar 28th, 2016 7 Pages
In my opinion, the people who control the media in this world is the insanely wealthy. This group includes large corporations such as Disney, or news corporations such as Fox News, or even cable companies such as Time Warner Cable. Their main goals are simple: to stay in power and to keep the money coming in. They accomplish that by controlling the media in various ways. They will do this by showing what the majority enjoys, wants to see, and wants to hear. Not all of this will be the truth, and it may be biased at times, giving us a one sided perspective of things. For example, much of the news that is out today that gets the most attention is pop culture and controversy. Sadly, that is what sells nowadays and corporations know this. They know that an article entitled “Donald Trump attacked by Bird”, will gain more hits than an article entitled “NASA Launches Spaceship”. The reason is Donald Trump is a controversial figure, and therefore has a lot of attention directed upon him, whether it is negative or positive. So in a way, society control the media as well, since what they give the most attention to, is what they media shows. Even if the attention is negative, it still gains a lot of attention and sells well, and that is all corporations care about. The news coverage for the rest of the world outside of the United States is very limited, from what I have seen (or have not seen, for that matter). When I go on social media, I usually see people commenting about…

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