Is Dogs Adequate Enrichment And Proper Socialization? Essay

1329 Words Apr 19th, 2016 6 Pages
In today’s world there is no question that dogs are becoming a staple in the everyday home, but what some people don’t think about when adopting a dog, is their background. Many dogs today are being inbred and overbred to where more animals are being born with birth defects. Defects such as mutations, being deaf, blind, or being and blind. When you adopt a dog with a disability such as being deaf and blind, there are many situations that can be extremely difficult, but there are ways to ensure you are giving the dog the best life and ways to not overwhelm yourself in the process. Giving the dog adequate enrichment and proper socialization are two of the ways that will help the dog to live their life to the fullest. Taking on a dog that is completely blacked out to the world around them comes with its own set of challenges that some people have never had to consider before. If they are doing something wrong you can’t just scold them or point your finger and tell them to “knock it off” because they literally have no idea that what they are currently doing, is not okay. Due to the fact that you cannot treat them or train them like any other dog, it becomes frustrating and sometimes you just want to scream at them or worse, hit them. Keep in mind that most times the dog has absolutely no idea that what they are doing is wrong, they just think they found a new toy or a new place to explore. In times when you feel like you’ve done everything to get them to stop what they are…

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