Is Divorce Harmful For Children? Essay

1151 Words Dec 5th, 2016 5 Pages
The question continues to be asked, “Is divorce harmful for children?” All parents want their children to grow up happy in a two parent household. However, this is not the case when parents decide to divorce. With divorce, parents choose to leave their partner even if it is detrimental to their children’s happiness.
Over the years, divorce rates continue to increase. The reasons for divorce varies from couple to couple. However, in most cases, the children involved have little input into the outcome of the decision to divorce. Divorce comes with many factors that can negatively affect the children within the family. These include increased stress, feelings of abandonment, decreased parental competence and parental loss in general. These factors can lead to a child having mental and emotional distress (Hughes 2009). Even though each of these factor can lead to distress within the child, the exposure to the marital conflict caused by divorce harms the child the most. Emotional and mental distress from marital conflict in divorce is caused by loss of security, emotional disorders, and disconnections with other relationships. Parents teach their children to deal with emotional distress and negative emotions in positive ways by serving as role models. However, when children do not have that role model, they can become emotionally insecure and unable to express their emotions in a positive way. Studies showed that “marital conflict has been shown to predict higher levels of…

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