Essay about Is Destiny Affected Me I?

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Before I write on how Character is Destiny affected me I need to give my two cents on some thought provoking statements made in this book. The 21st century is burdened with multiple aspects that are not mentioned by Russell Gough. My personal opinion on how to attempt to fix things is a slightly more open-minded approach. I agree that it is extremely easy to point fingers and not take the responsibility for our own actions, in multiple chapters it was mentioned that our upbringing as well as the situations other people put us in does not excuse our actions.
This world has been poisoned by Society, this ‘perfect’ hierarchy created by man so that they can control other humans as well as other species, the greed of power. Money has become the sole source that poisons the watering well that feeds the soul. I know it is going to be hard but try and imagine a world that didn’t work with money, let’s say bartering was the system we used. Stay with me here, if we took money away what would change? There would be no more greed/temptations/jealousy; there wouldn’t be a hierarchy because we couldn’t be competing for who has the most money or objects, a person would be able to follow their soul’s purpose of becoming a doctor because he/she didn’t have to choose between education or feeding their child(ren). No money would mean no more corporate greed that is poisoning our air, water and earth just for a bountiful profit, just imagine, we would actually take care of our planet and…

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