Is Death Bad For You? Essay

1245 Words Dec 14th, 2016 5 Pages
One of the most taboo topics in American culture is death. People hate discussing it, thinking about it, and are not good at handling it. This is not a shared concept throughout the world though, as places like Mexico for example celebrate death. With these two different ways of viewing death it is fair to ask why there is such a strong difference in viewing death? Obviously, a simple answer would be to just state that the cultures are different, however, when thinking of death in terms of being good or bad the different cultures add insight to the discussion. How one group of people can celebrate something that others fear and believe to be the worst thing in the world highlights the difference in opinions and how focusing on different aspects of death leads to different interpretations of it. This idea can be seen in Shelly Kagan’s article “Is Death Bad for You?”, where she states that death is bad for us because it deprives us of the goods of life, and looks at the puzzles associated with her claim. However, do to focusing solely on the puzzles of existence, she fails to address two of the important objections to her claim. The first objection states that death is good for us because it deprives us of the bads of life, the other addresses the idea that sometimes death can be a good thing for an individual, and lastly the perspective that death could be bad for those experiencing it not the person dying. These different perspectives are important when addressing death and…

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