Is Dating A Thing Of The Past? Essay

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Is Dating a Thing of the Past? A picnic in the park, dinner for two, or even bowling could be considered a date. Now these dates aren’t very original, but they are still considered dates. Dating is when a couple, in the early stages of a relationship, go out on dates to find out what each other is like (Urban Dictionary). Nowadays teenagers are skipping dates are leaping straight into being boyfriend and girlfriend.
A third of college seniors have confessed that they’ve been on less than two dates in four years (Fishel). Even though college life can be busy, you can still have fun. Is dating a thing of the past? Dating has become a thing of the past because of speed dating, dating sites, and virtual dating. Speed dating is becoming more popular as the years go on because men and women don’t have to worry about how the date will go. When adults go on speed dates, the normal speed dating time last about 6-8 minutes. Speed dating is meant to stress free, but also help singles meet people they might have an attraction too. It is said the average first impression is made within 7 seconds of meeting a new person. Physical attraction such as smiling, eye contact and body language are what draw people into one another while on dates. 53% of singles find that a smile is the most attractive feature on someone (Harden).
95% of men and 80% of women report a positive experience at speed dating (Daniel D.). Depending on the organizer, the participant will have around 6-8 minutes to…

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