Is Dating A Thing Of The Past Essay

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Is Dating a Thing of the Past? A picnic in the park, dinner for two, or even bowling could be considered a date. Now these dates aren’t very original, but they are still considered dates. Dating is when a couple, in the early stages of a relationship, go out on dates to find out what each other is like (Urban Dictionary). Nowadays teenagers are skipping dates are leaping straight into being boyfriend and girlfriend.
A third of college seniors have confessed that they’ve been on less than two dates in four years (Fishel). Even though college life can be busy, you can still have fun. Is dating a thing of the past? Dating has become a thing of the past because of speed dating, dating sites, and virtual dating. Speed dating is becoming more
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This will provide plenty of witnesses in case anything were to happen between the two of them. Going out to at a restaurant, bowling, seeing a movie, or walking downtown. These are perfect dates with plenty of public eyes. Another smart idea is for women to drive themselves there and home. This will ensure them of their safety before and after the date.
Lastly before the date happens singles need to make sure what they’re asking for is what they’re getting. Ask to Skype or video chat a lot before the date happens. This ensures that male or female is who they say they are. When texting and asking for pictures isn’t always the best option because they could be using anyone 's pictures.
Virtual dating is helping adults in many ways. One of these ways is helping long-distance relationships last longer and easier to uphold. With the age of tweeting, texting, and technology, meeting someone online has never been easier and makes distance dating more convenient than ever. Individuals now are seeing long-distance relationships as a walk in the park. They can keep up with their other half through social media and feel as if nothing is going to happen. While some see long distance relationships as a notorious fail, out of sight equals out of mind; others believe they are the future, arguing that absence makes the heart grow

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