Is Cyberbullying More Difficult Than Traditional Bullying? Essay

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At many universities, over half of the population has reported knowing someone who has been cyberbullied. When a student gets cyberbullied, regardless of age, it affects them mentally, and may cause them to harm themselves because they feel weak, and like they cannot escape cyberbullying due to the permanence of the internet. The destructive cycle of cyberbullying is complicated and difficult to prevent because of the socio-economic constraints and the lack of federal and school-site laws and policies cause victims of cyberbullying to feel trapped, especially when perpetrators are unintentionally being supported by their anonymity and by legal loopholes.
Perpetrators usually harass the people whom they feel are easy targets, often times they bully people who are from lower socio-economic families, which causes more damage mentally to the victim, and more money to be spent on the issue of cyberbullying. Socio-economics plays a major role in aggressive behavior because of the social dominance theory. What makes cyberbullying more difficult than traditional bullying is that,“an individual in a lower social group may present himself as someone of a higher social status and... cyberbully others they perceive as having a lower social status” (Washington 23). Typically, victims of cyberbullying come from low socio-economic families, and their families and schools help pay for treatment and other unintentional costs. For example, the school pays a loss of productivity because more…

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