Essay on Is Cyber Bullying Morally Justifiable?

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Is Cyber-bullying Morally Justifiable?

According to an annual cyber-bullying report, seven out of ten young people feel they are a victim to cyber bullying ( The increased amount of cyber-bullying has made society question whether or not this is an issue. Many people say things online such as insults, threats and rude messages that they would not typically say in person. These messages are typically detrimental to the person on the receiving end. Is it morally justifiable to text messages or post comments online that one would not consider acceptable to say in person? Many would argue that these hurtful messages are morally justifiable because they do not inflict any physical harm. It is not morally justifiable. The damage done from cyber-bullying can hurt the victim’s feelings and can be more detrimental than physical abuse.
Cyber- bullying is using technology to intentionally torment, threaten, harass, humiliate, embarrass or upset another person. Cell phones, tablets and computers are typically found in most U.S. households. These devices have the ability to connect to the Internet and communicate globally. Social media, one of the major mediums of cyber-bullying, allows users to create and share content. The use of texting messages or posting comments that would not be morally justifiable to say in person would be an example of cyber- bullying. The victim is the person who receives these harmful messages and online comments. Meanwhile, the…

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