Essay about Is Cultural Appropriation Always Wrong?

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Reading Response to “Is Cultural Appropriation Always Wrong?” For my reading response, I chose the article “Is Cultural Appropriation Always Wrong?” by Parul Sehgal published on Sehgal argues for her belief that cultural appropriation is not always wrong. In times where cultural customs, clothing, hairstyles, etc, of minority groups are being used by majority groups (white people), where personal gain or profit is involved, then it is negative cultural appropriation. This is because the majority group is taking an aspect of a minority’s culture and making it popular and liked, when the minority group is often shunned for it. However, Sehgal justifies that there are times when not all cultural appropriation is wrong. When a person of power, particularly a white person, advocates for a minority group, then it is not wrong because the minority group is gaining from such actions. One instance of this Sehgal gives is a quote by Kamila Shamie, a Pakistani novelist. Shamie explains that when a white male accurately writes about the life of a Pakistani female, he is using his power of privilege for the good of Pakistani females – he is spreading around to other people, around the world, the struggles that a Pakistani female may face. In turn, other people of privilege may advocate for that particular minority group that was written about. Sehgal answers her own question with a no, on the terms that only the minority group benefits somehow. Sehgal presents both…

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