Is Crime Or The Inevitability Of Crime? Essay

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The Choice of Crime or The Inevitability of Crime
Most people have gotten a speeding ticket at least once in their life, or a parking citation, or some people might have gotten into a little trouble with the law when they were younger. Fighting “the man” and resisting authority figures is something that is another chapter in most people’s lives. However for some they can never turn the page. Stuck in a life of crime that goes against many laws and morals that our society has chosen are important enough to put in place consequences for these actions. For some it’s because of necessity for money to support them. Motive can be tricky to understand because in some cases it is simply circumstance, others it is opportunity, and for a few it is simply because they genuinely felt they needed to break the boundaries of law and morality. Like Chancey Luna and James Edwards who killed a young Australian man because they were bored (Daily News, 2013). Both of the teens that killed obviously don’t have any sort of moral compass or perhaps genetically predisposed to committing acts of violence. Or perhaps it was because both boys were born and raised in the rough and gritty part of town. Being brought up surrounded by crime must have left their sense of right and wrong distorted. This is the argument: Do criminals choose to become criminals? Or is their fate of crime predefined for them based on the genetic makeup they were born with. The English philosopher John Locke was an advocate…

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