Is Creative Capitalism an Effective Way to Make the World Better?

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After reading Bill Gates’ article “Making Capitalism More Creative”, I don’t agree with his idea and don’t think creative capitalism is an effective way to make the world better. It is only effective way to stimulate today’s U.S economic. In the following paragraphs, I am going to explain why I disagree with Bill Gates’ point of view. Capitalism had been existed for over 400 years in human’s history since 1640. Frankly speaking, through capitalism, this world had been changed a lot. A lot of new technology had been innovated during 400 years. Especially in recent 100 years, human beings’ life style is much better than before. To take some real world examples, we can take airplane to travel from one country to another country in …show more content…
Although corporation may have more power to save the world than nonprofit organizations, making money is still the premier vale of the corporation. Thus, creative capitalism doesn’t work very well based on this. There is an example to further explain why creative capitalism doesn’t work very well. Bill Gates tries to sell his idea and using following example “Another project of ours lets an entire classroom full of students use a single computer; we’ve developed software that lets each student use her own mouse to control a specialty colored cursor so that as many as 50 kids can use one computer at the same time.” (Making Capitalism More Creative, P2) Ask yourself, will you share one computer with the rest of 49 students? I think most people will say no, because there is no privacy! So why you think the poorest people will enjoy this? In addition, humanity is greedy and selfish, thus it will increase chance to steal this computer. So it doesn’t change the poorest people’s life much through the creative capitalism. Creative capitalist will not donate 50 computers to each 50 students because they can’t make any money. In a conclusion, Bill Gates’ creative capitalism is just want to explore more market to make more money rather than serving the poor people. Because making money is still the heart of this ideology, so creative capitalism is limited and will not change the

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