Essay about Is Creationism Science, Pseudoscience, Or Non Science?

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Is creationism science, pseudoscience, or non-science? Support your argument with an analysis of the distinction between science, pseudoscience, and non-science.

Mainstream society is very familiar with the word “science” and that without a doubt science plays a detrimental role in our lives. However for many people there seems to be a discrepancy about the correct distinguishiment between science, pseudo-science and non-science. The aims of this essay are to establish the differences between science, pseudo-science and non-science, before then examining the appropriate categorization of “creationism science”.

Science, pseudo-science and non-science do have there own characteristics. Sciences’ goal is to discover what our universe beholds and define why it is and how it is (Curd and Cover, 1998). One of science’s most substantial characteristics is the formation of theories. Scientists mostly use a general theory to explain their observations and experiments rather than simply recording the results. Such fields as psychology, biology, geology and physics stay within the confines of science. However, certain queries tend to be best explained through the fields of philosophy, such as subjective, non-empirical questions.

This is where pseudo-science comes in, whereby a theory is based within the confines of science, however is not scientifically testable (Gardner 1957). Through the philosophers Karl Poppers eyes, he thinks that the primary disparity between science and…

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