Essay on Is Copycat Unethical

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Is China’s Copycatting unethical
According to a public annual ranking of China’s top ten hot words on internet, “Copycatting” is the very first one word from the list of 2008. This word in Chinese literally refers to “small mountain village”, but it has evolved to describe local manufactured products or goods that have similar features, outlooks or names to world-famous brands and products. The first genre of products being called copycat was electronics, back to year 2006. The copycatting iPhones were produced by some local workshops in southern China, with almost same functions and specifications, but ridiculously low price and a different while similar brand name, such as aPhone, lPhone. It then speedily became popular throughout
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This brings the popularity to those copycatting producers. I will later focus on the necessity of existence and draw into consideration in the morality sense of “Copycatting”. * Whatever is reasonable is true, and whatever is true is reasonable.
There exist objective reasons for copycatting products being so popular and acceptable in China.
Overall, copycatting products should not be categorized as illegal fakes, although they look similar to the major branded products. Take an example of UGG. One of the copycats of the world-wide woman snow boots UGG in China is called VCC. They really look alike, except that VCC doesn’t make of real wool and leather, and it is not made under the same name. Actually VCC never seeks for the same marketing position as UGG. The existence of VCC simply offers another choice to those people who cannot afford UGG boots. Consumers of VCC do realize the boots they buy at this price are not UGG. They are awareness of the difference between branded products and copycatting products and they are happy about the deals, and not hurt by them at all.
There are at least two common characteristics of consumers of copycat products. One is that consumers of copycat goods come from either working class or under class of society. They mainly rely on wages or salaries to make a living. However, most of them are under the pressure of maintaining their life need. They are stressed by

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