Is Communication Technology Getting Out Of Hand? Essay example

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Is Communication Technology Getting Out of Hand?
Technology has become a major part of everyday life in this generation. A major way people use technology is to communicate. Because of communication technology smartphones, social media, and other communication technologies have become prominent, so much so that people can have strong human relationships online without ever meeting the person in real life. But it also can remove the need for us to meet each other in real life. It seems a lot of people can be satisfied with just texting or checking each other’s Facebook. Is this really a good thing? Communication Technology can be harmful to people, we start to lose the most valuable thing we humans have, human connection and our emotions.
There are several reasons why communication technology can be harmful for people. As humans one of the first skills we learn is communication, communication through our physical bodies, we learn how to gesture, make facial expressions, and talk to one another. As we grow up we improve on these skills, but more and more in our generation we’re giving up on normal conversations and moving towards technology as a way to communicate. Lori Ann Wagner states
“There is a concern that since the advent of the smartphone, obsessions with texting, updating statuses, and using Snapchat are sounding a death knell for real conversation. Conversation is a skill that must be learned, so those most at risk for failing to learn this skill are the young,…

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