Is Common Core Necessary? Essay

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Is Common Core Necessary?

Who needs Common Core? All students who are interested in furthering their education. Common Core teaches students how to be prepared for advances in educational atmosphere. By using technology, it enhances the students’ knowledge on how to become more independent and less dependent on help from teachers. It is the students’ decision whether they would want to be successful in the classrooms. Student has to be dedicated to furthering their education. Common Core does prepare our students’ for college because it shows their academic performance for improvement, prepares them for the technology-based world, and predicts whether the child is ready for college.

To begin with, Common Core can improve the students’ academic performance. How could a student find out his or her academic performance over the semester? Common Core would be the most effective measurement to find out that student strengths and weaknesses. For instance, a teacher could use the student’s results to know what benchmarks, lesson plans, or topics in class to talk about. Common Core gives the teachers knowledge on how to increase test complexity on the children. Angela Sewall who wrote “Common Core State Standards: Impact on Higher Education and Libraries” mentions “The AASL standards measure student ability to: inquire and think critically, draw conclusions, and create new knowledge” (340). However, Common Core does measures students’ academic performance; sometimes test…

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