Is College Worth The Financial Investment? Essay

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Is college worth the financial investment

Is college worth the financial investment? Many people that go to college are hoping to

have a fulfilling job when they graduate. But people may ask the question, is the money they

make out of college and the money that they make out of high school close enough where they

don't have to go through the hassle of facing college costs. The numbers are staggering if you

want to be successful and try your hardest in school. It is true that if you are not willing to try in

Research suggests that the average tuition is $32,592 nationwide. Evidence supports that

throughout the nation in state tuition roughly averages $23,548. Most schools give scholarships

because colleges want their school to have the highest GPA and schools like Harvard Yale and

Princeton are in very high competition to get that honor. Harvard gives scholarships to sixty-

seven percent of the people that are in their enrollment. Yale gave forty-nine percent of students

that are enrolled in a scholarship. Princeton had forty-six percent just two percent under Yale and

twenty-one percent under Harvard. The school that leads the nation in highest GPA is Harvard

but Yale is very close to having a vast Improvement with GPA and right behind Harvard.

Private institutions are not as expensive as they used to be in fact "the price for

undergraduate tuition room and board at private institutions decreased seven percent from 2002

to present day" A big…

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