Is College Worth It? Essay

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Is College Worth It?
A college education is a dedicated investment that an individual makes, but is it worth the trouble? Most career fields in today 's world require some attainment of higher education, whether it be bachelor 's degree or even a master 's degree. There are certain available jobs that would much rather take an experienced individual in that particular field over someone with accolades but no previous experience. The topic is a debate that one can argue with or against the requirement of a college education. However, I feel that having a college degree will enhance an individual 's future success by enabling more job opportunities. This research will thoroughly entail the drastic positives of having a college degree as opposed to a high school diploma.
Much of the debate regarding why an individual should have a college education is based off the debt collected while in school. Some students spend four to six years at higher level institutions accumulating a debt that they could very possibly be working for the rest of their life to pay off. The wages being issued by most menial jobs are not nearly enough to cover the total cost of college. However, in the article Is a college degree still worth it? it proclaims that "the financial benefits of higher education still outweigh the expenses" (Karageorge 1).
In Eleni Karageorge 's review “Is a college degree still worth it?” the author states that "A key reason why a degree remains a relatively valuable asset…

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