Is College Worth A Mountain Of Debt? Essay

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Is college worth a mountain of debt? Many people believe that college is not worth going to because the cost of college is greater than any future benefits that it will provide. However, colleges and universities provide economical ways to get a 4 year degree that will be immensely beneficial in the future. This is shown by the US Census Bureau, who conducted a study that discovered college graduates make 2.7 million dollars more than high school graduates in a lifetime, a number that dwarfs US News average college debt of $30,000. Higher education does not lead to a lifetime of debt because there are ways of reducing the cost of college.

The first way of reducing cost is to attend a community college. In fact, Sheridan School District in Colorado has implemented a tuition free dual-enrollment program in two schools in the district. Tony P. Martinez and Alison P. Martinez report that, “students remain officially enrolled in high school through up to 2 years of full-time community-college study”. The program is beneficial for many of the the minority groups and families in poor socioeconomic standing. The program is a gateway for many students whose families have never attended any type of education after high school. Besides the tuition-free education, it was shown to boost grades; the programs puts students into classes geared more toward their interest, which has a positive impact on the student. Dual-enrollment is not the only way community college is beneficial and…

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