Essay on Is College The Right Choice?

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Is College the Right Choice?
For so long, there has been a controversial discussion over the need to attend college to make one successful. In the article, “On ‘Real Education’,” a man named Robert T. Perry is involved in this dispute. According to his article, Perry seems to be discussing his beliefs in which more people should attend college. He begins his writing with a variation of claims made by Charles Murray, the author of “Bell Curve.” Perry points out how Murray believes society tries to educate too many people nowadays, and most of them do not even deserve it; however, since Perry disagrees, he starts to list his own views for the reader to remember. For example, how a college education could lead to a higher paying job. The main idea of Perry’s article is the fact that as time progresses, more jobs are beginning to require some sort of a higher education level with a more specific degree along with it. Going through his article, I noticed several new thoughts and ideas that make the essay effective because of Perry’s ability to use ethos, pathos, and logos.
The way the structure of Perry’s article sits has a persuading effect on the readers to agree with his perspective. He started it off by mentioning an opposing view, which shows respect to the reader to be open to different claims; however, he then returns with his own vision and claims for the reader to keep in mind. The reason the structure of the article can be a tool to persuade one is because the readers…

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