Is College For Everyone? Essay

1289 Words Feb 14th, 2016 null Page
In today’s society, everyone has heard of the saying, “Education is important and college is the key to a well-off life.” Some may think on the contrary that there are other routes that one may can take and still become successful in life as well. College is not the only answer to every individual. Not everybody is academically driven so the topic still appears to be very much controversial. In the essay, “Is College for Everyone, Pharinet articulates her perspective on the reason why she thinks that college is not really meant for everybody. Pharinet presented her side of the argument to her audience by laying out dome persuasive techniques. She uses a mixture or logos, ethos, and pathos to defend her case. Since, Pharinet’s has a background of being a professor, she has some authority over this argument because she has witnessed first-hand on how college students act and interacted with college students before. However, Pharinet demonstrations slight bias perspectives though-out her argument she is very narrow-minded. Even though her arguments are stated clearly she is lacking on her claims she backs up her argument with biased logic, uncited statistics, and a lot of pathos.
Within Pharinet essay, she does a wonderful job at presenting her views of the topic on, “ Is College for Everyone.” However, her claims are weak due to the lack of evidence. Pharinet included a statistic piece to pump up her argument. She said, “Though drop-our rates vary it is estimated…

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