Essay on Is College Doomed The Author Graeme Wood?

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You’ve just been accepted to a university and you can’t wait until school starts so you may begin your college experience. However, what would happen if the aspects of college that you pictured were just erased because they aren’t important in a college experience. In the article Is College Doomed the author Graeme Wood describes a school that is fully based online where the only thing that is considered crucial in their student’s college experience is how good their education. The parts that I consider crucial in a college experience is having all the resources on campus at your disposal, the opportunities to go to sports events, and making friendships with all the new faces you will meet when you arrive on campus. If these are the aspects that I built to fit my college experience, then why should they be deemed not important in all colleges?
When any student first starts their college career they observe all the buildings and imagine what is taught at each building and when they will use that building in their pursuit for a major. At all universities, the staff encourages the students to use all the resources the school provides. The teachers tell the students to take advantage of the tutoring centers and the teacher’s office hours if they are having trouble with a material in class. I push students to come to the library and use all the resources in the library to study, however the most important resource that a school provides a student is the facilities. The facilities…

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