Essay about Is College A Waste Of Time?

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Education is Success Deciding whether to go to college or not is very stressful, and we have all been there. Some of us are forced to go, others choose not to go, and some think that they cannot make ends meet and choose to work instead. In the long run, it is those that choose to go or were forced to that end up being the most successful. Why? Because not only is the education beneficial, but it is also that you learn to find yourself in college. It is about the experiences that we go through, and the obstacles that we overcome. College is not just money being thrown away, it is a part of your life that marks your destiny. Many people make the argument that not everyone needs to go to college because it is a waste of time and money, but they do not understand that college graduates will be financially reimbursed and will have experiences to fall back on.
In their article, “Should Everyone Go to College,” Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill touch on the importance of receiving a higher education and how helpful it is for college students on a social scale. It is no secret that college graduates typically earn more money than high school graduates. Why? Because a B.A. is worth more than a high school diploma. According to research, difference in pay is quite astounding, “Hamilton Project research shows that 23- to 25-year-olds with bachelor’s degrees make $12,000 more than high school graduates but by age 50, the gap has grown to $46,500,” (Owen and Sawhill 211). This means…

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