Is College A Better Than A Good Job? Essay

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College is something that has become increasingly important in the world to increase the chances of being financially secure and being able to secure a steady job. Without college, the main jobs a young adult can rely on is in the kitchen of a fast food restaurant flipping burgers, or washing dishes. Without a formal education, there is not a chance of getting a good job that pays enough to support you and another person. Someone might get lucky and be able to get a decent job without a college education, but the more education you obtain, the higher your chances are of getting a good job. Students today are not very good at planning for college however. Many rely on student loans and do not save up for their education while they are in high school. There will be many challenges throughout the years of college, including not having money to eat out, having to borrow money for car fixes or food, and not being able to have money for other fun things that most college students do. College is a very scary thing and most college students refer to themselves as “broke college students living on ramen noodles,” and they most of the time don’t really have much money to eat out. This is a common issue for students because they do not plan ahead for college and save money during their high school years. Some high school/ college kids are smart and during high school they have a job and put money from their paychecks into the bank to help them out so they don’t have to rely on loans.…

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