Is College A Best? Essay

1023 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
As time passes, more jobs are becoming automated. This is one cause among many others making college graduates more valuable and prevalent. Through the knowledge gained in college, one gains an expertise in a subject and receives financial security. The four years one spends in college, however, are more than an academic experience. These years are a time for one to develop social skills and learn how to live independently.
I believed college would indeed prepare me for my professional life but would also provide me with one of the most delightful times of my life. I believed college would be stress free, and innate with free time to read the latest books or watch the newest movies. College was a place characterized by distinct social ranks and groups. Additionally, I envisioned a life where I would have freedom to purchase whatever I, rather than my parents, pleased. Life in college was going to be perfect. No sooner had college began that I realized my fantasies of college were like examining a rose blindly: not taking into account its true beauty or the thorns. Going into college, I had no idea how busy and stressful my days would become. While still signing up for classes, I enamored the structure of the college schedule. I was under the erroneous impression there would be ample time for leisure. After all, classes only exhausted three hours of the day. Additionally, college life would be stress free with easy classes and easier tests. After the first week of the…

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