Is Cloning The Production Of An Organism? Essay examples

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Have you ever imagined the world with an identical copy of you? If you have you know it can be a terrifying thought. Duplicating ones – self would be walking in a world of no individuality. The world would lack diversity if nobody ever had the chance to be unique. Scientists are fascinated with the idea of cloning. You may ask, what is cloning? Cloning is the production of an organism with genetic material identical to that of another organism (Seidel 1).One’s physical character and behavioral demeanor would be inherited from the organism used to create another living person. To simplify this definition it means that it would be a somewhat identical copy of you.
In the process of cloning it is impossible to raise a clone in the exact same condition as the donor; they usually appear and act slightly different due to the fact that the genetic makeup and environment play very important roles in the development of the clone (Seidel 1). This simply means that the clones may not look or act like the donor. Identical twins are often studied by researchers as a process to discover the reasoning behind the differences in the donor and the clone. The clones would look identical, but their personalities could be completely different depending upon the environment in which they are raised. Studies have proven that twins that are raised separate tend to vary in characteristics compared to twins that are raised together (Seidel 1). Another thing that affects the differences in the…

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