Essay about Is Cloning Good For Our Future?

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Cloning are different processes that can be used to produce genetically identical copies of a biological entity. Many people think that cloning is good for our future but other think that cloning is bad. Whether we should or should not, I think cloning is a good experiment because knowing all the things we can do such as giving those parents a chance to creature a baby that are genetically related but that have trouble producing a baby on their own , cloning could be helpful . Also for those couples from the same sex, having a child of their own without adopting, make sound much easier.Cloning could also help generate new skin grafts for burn victims and bone marrow for others. Scientists also believe that cloning could help find a cure for Alzheimer 's or Parkinson 's disease. Another good reason why cloning should be experience is for animals and plants should be produced if for a medical purpose which can help us save the life of those whom we love and produce any other type of medical that could help animals. Even though there is a small percent of successful produce cloning, Scientist are still finding a safety way to make this project more usable and successful in ways we can 't really imagine.
Animals and plants are a great idea of cloning not just to make new medical purpose but to also help out those animal that are going on exict. One of the most famous clone animal is Dolly, a sheep from Scotland, she was not the first cloned animal but her creation attracted…

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