Essay about Is Climate Change Man Made?

1310 Words Nov 19th, 2015 6 Pages
Meghan Gallimore
Professor Williamson
English 110
6 November 2015 Is climate change man-made?
Americans make up four percent of the world 's population, we produce twenty-five percent of the carbon dioxide or CO2, pollution from fossil-fuel burning, which is by far the largest share of any country noted. Global warming is the average and rising of the earth 's temperature on the surface. Earth 's average temperature is increasing at a significantly higher rate and is proven to be because of human activities. Environmental factors such as melting ice sheets, temperature rise, ocean acidification and sea level rise have been proven to be caused by the global warming epidemic. The environmental factors affect animals and humans living on our earth today and have all be proved to happen because of human activities. Not only do tragedies like this harm the environment but has major health effects on humans as well. With polluted air that raises the average earth temperature, this can cause air borne diseases to be easily spread. The consequences will continue to grow and harm our planet unless the world becomes more eco-friendly by using things such as electric cars, riding a bike, and cutting down technological use. This planet is the only one we have and the people living on it are the ones who are polluting without even realizing. It is up to humans to change the climate or else our time on earth might come sooner than we think. Glaciers and ice sheets cover about…

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