Is Climate Change A Problem? Essay

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Climate change, we learn about this in school but is what we are learning helping us understand climate change. We need to understand how it is actually affecting us in a more real world examples. Most people don’t believe in climate change. Their needs to be data and information accessible for people to understand what climate change is and how to fix or slow down the problem. It affects us in many way we don’t think about. I can affect us in the economy, agriculture, plants and animal life. I Proposal is climate change a problem? And how has it been affecting the weather lately.
Background on climate
The earth 's climate is generally defined as the average weather over a long period of time. A place or region 's climate is determined by both natural and anthropogenic (human-made) factors. The natural elements include the atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere, while the human factors can include land and resource uses. Changes in any of these factors can cause local, regional, or even global changes in the climate. Although an area 's climate is always changing, the changes do not usually occur on a time scale that 's immediately obvious to us. While we know how the weather changes from day to day, subtle climate changes are not as readily detectable. Weather patterns and climate types take similar elements into account, the most important of which are: The temperature of the air, The humidity of the air, The type and amount of cloudiness, The…

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