Is Clayton Lockett On The Needle Into Lockett 's Groin? Essay

1380 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
Imagine what it was like to be Clayton Lockett on April 29th 2014, the day he was executed. The paramedics punctured his left arm with the needle, but forgot to use a bandage to keep the needle in place. By the time they finally remembered the bandage there was blood everywhere and they needed to start all over. They tried to insert the needle ten different times all over his body to no avail. It seems they gave up at this point and figured they could try something never done before and simply hope for the best. The doctors and paramedics tried to insert the needle into Lockett 's groin. They used a scalpel to cut into the flesh, because the veins in the groin are deep beneath the skin. As they were nonchalantly taping the needle to his leg they started to wonder if the needle was even long enough, not that it mattered because they didn’t have the correct needle on hand anyway. They then covered the injection location so as to “preserve his dignity” (Eckholm).
This ordeal took an astounding 43 minutes, That 's 4 times the average length! No one should have to go through this and therefore the death penalty needs to be abolished in all 50 states.

I believe everyone deserves a second chance. When I was just born something very traumatic happened in my mom‘s life. Her father was just minding his own business when someone robbed and murdered him. Now, we have no love for the guy but is it worth stooping to his level and getting revenge? This man was up for the death penalty…

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