Is Cheerleading A Sport? Essay

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Is Cheerleading a sport?

Short skirts, loud screams and lots of energy: that is what most high school students define as a classic cheerleader. Most of the teenagers in the world will have this opinion, Along with being “Miss popular” of the school, cheerleaders are also seen as “try hard” athletes. How complicated could it really be? The answer to that is more difficult than one would think. Though many people might gossip about how cheerleading is precisely considered not a sport, it is actually one of the most burdensome sports out there. Cheerleading is most definitely a sport due to the fact that it fulfills the requirements needed in the definition “sport”, has many different safety associations/ rules for every type of cheerleader and because parents spend mounds of money due to their son/daughter participating in the sport of cheerleading just as any other guardian would any other sport. When you look up the definition of a sport, the website defines a sport as “an athletic activity that requires physical prowess or skill and often a competitive nature.” Though what it does not incorporate is the trust and the teamwork required for any sport. The sport of cheerleading certainly fulfills this description and possibly even better than other extra curricular activities frequently called sports. The first part of the definition was “an athletic activity requiring skill or prowess.” Pay attention to the formation, flips, tumbles and tosses. Those are…

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