Essay about Is Cheerleading A Sport?

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Is Cheerleading a Sport? When it comes to the topic of Cheerleading, most would readily agree that it is not considered a sport. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question on the lack of competition and physical activity when it comes to cheerleading. Whereas some are convinced that the sole purpose of cheerleading is to wave pompoms around and support a sports team, others maintain that the fact that cheerleading is physically demanding, and squads do compete in competitions, that cheerleading, by definition is a sport. In my own opinion, cheerleading is without a doubt a sport. An article in the Daily Republic, Yes, Cheerleading is a sport, Asia Webb makes an interesting claim about cheerleaders stating, “ We are athletes without a title. What category do we fall under?” Some may suggest cheerleading falls under the category of a club, however, a club deals with matters like career interest, and community service, it does not involve any physical demanding activities like a sport such as football, baseball, and many others require. This is why I would argue that cheerleading is a sport. It takes hard work, dedication, strength, and stamina. Cheerleading deals with a lot of physical demanding activity and competitions which meets the standard set by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Women’s Sports Foundation when it comes to defining a sport.
A sport by definition is an activity involving physical exertion and…

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