Essay on Is Capital Punishment Morally Right Or Wrong?

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We wake up every day to hear someone has been murdered, shot, robbed or kidnapped. It is on a rare occasion that our communities do not have a day without tragedy. There is much debate and conversation, whether the people who commit these crimes and are caught should not be allowed a future. Is Capital Punishment morally right or wrong? Is it our decision and our right to take away someone else’s life for committing a crime?
Capital Punishment is the legal authorization to kill someone as punishment for a crime. Capital Punishment is currently legal in thirty-two states, including California and illegal in 18 of our smaller states. Some of the procedures used to inflict this punishment are through lethal injections, electrocution, gas chambers, firing squad and hanging. Imagine having murdered someone, making a mistake and not being able to change because you have been told that you will be on trial for the death penalty. Do you think someone has the right over your life and your body? Should anyone have the right to condemn someone to death? I do not agree with the death penalty. Yes, a person may have committed an inexplicable crime and should pay for the crime, but nobody deserves to have others determine their death. Capital punishment should not be allowed for the reasons that it is immoral, it is expensive, it does not reduce the crime rate and it will only make a case harder and slower.
Taking a life of a criminal is morally wrong just as it is wrong to take…

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