Is Capital Punishment Is Right Or Wrong? Essay

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Crime is everywhere, it 's nothing uncommon in today 's society. When listening to the radio, reading the newspaper, or watching television the first thing that we see on the headlines in the front page are: murders, homicides and serial killers. People believe that you have to see the good with the bad, and the bad with the good. We are used to crime that it 's not even consider newsflash. There are big controversy to whether or not we should do something about crime. If capital punishment is right or wrong.
The intention to put another human to death is hard to fathom. Life is sacred, this is a notion that everyone can agree on. Taking a human 's life away has been one of the most deplorable crime in history. How is it capital punishment justificational? That is cruel and unusual punishment and violates our religious beliefs, that our found in the first amendment.
As for the death penalty only 18 states have abolished the death penalty, 36 states believe that someone should have their life taken away by capital punishment. We live in a democratic government where the people comes first. As a nation whole, we have failed to overthrow the governments power. Our natural rights are being violated by the government Our amendment right to, “life” is being violated if we support capital punishment. (Amnesty International, 2015.)
More than 3,200 people live on death row in the United States, have been executed and 36% of them were in the state of Texas. Although the percentage…

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