Is Canada Truly A Multicultural Society? Essays

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As Canada is known as one of many wealthiest nations, it has higher equality than other industrialized countries. Canada is truly a multicultural society this exists when people accept, and encourage many cultures to thrive in a society. Nonetheless, the difference in income, wealth, power, and education is inequality which results in poverty and race not only in Canada but in the City of Toronto. A large population of legally and socially poor in Toronto stay in this cycle for a long period of time, this is considering the fact that they are given fewer opportunities than many other wealthy people. In Canada and many western countries, for example Caucasians have discriminated against racialized groups through the practice of slavery or even destruction in immigration. Toronto is ranked as one of the most livable, prosperous and competitive cities in the world; 25% of children under the age of fourteen and one in five adults in Toronto live in poverty or go through cruel racial comments said by one another (Infographic: Poverty in Toronto). Moreover as a diverse community in the 21st century, Toronto has drastically grown prominent discouraging different ethnic origins, high geographic mobility and higher levels of education. This paper will be arguing on poverty and race in the 21st century in Toronto, and how humanity has discouraged many folks to be multicultural. These conditions strictly outstand the fact of high violence, gender stereotypes and ethnocentric attitudes…

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