Is Canada A Relevant Or A Fading Power? Essay examples

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The essay topic I have chosen is “Is Canada a relevant or a fading power?”. Primary readings on the subject indicate that Canada was viewed as a middle power throughout the Cold War. During the founding of the United Nations, Canada played a large role as “mediator in the new international order” (Ferrari, 2006) and was elected as a middle power in 1945 after the Australian’s gave up the role. The Canadian post-war identity was one that showed strength, optimism and just practises. According to Andrew Cooper, the height of Canada’s international status ranking was during Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s terms in which Michael Hawes claims was the ‘Golden Age of Canadian Foreign Policy’. Following this golden age, Canada’s international status started to decline. This is often attributed to Canada’s relationship with the United States and the decline of Western Hegemony. The international relationship between Canada and the United State will be the centre point of the paper. This is because although Canada has an identity of its own, the two nations are similarly impacted in the international community. The decline of western hegemony mutually impacted Canada and the United States, however as Canada was the smaller power of the two, it was the first to become irrelevant.

The research paper will consist of four areas of analysis; Canada’s actions in the postwar era that elevated its international status and reputation, the competition between Australia and the ‘great…

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