Is Canada A Bilingual And Multicultural Country? Essay

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Currently Canada is known as a bilingual and multicultural country. Our society has made it illegal to discriminate any person with a certain religion, their mother language, gender, etc. But unfortunately in the previous years, starting 1913’s Anglophone and Francophone were not great neighbours as in today. There are multiple events that have changed the two relations. At the beginning of 1830’s the employment in Quebec was not fair so the confederation was formed with John A Macdonald and George-Ethienne. The confederation was a good thing because they had the right to use French or English in Parliaments. But unfortunately the bilingual was not working together in Canada since the Regulation 17 enacted. That made Quebec aware that they felt like they were not a part of the country and decide not to participate in conscription.
“Two nations warring in the bosom of a single state” ( Behiels). Lord Durham was a British political reformer. That quotes was his estimation of the relationship between Lower Canada 's French Canadian and British Canadian communities in the 1830s. This is because of both the languages were not well respected to one another. There relations were not working well together. As in employment, French-Canadian Quebecers were earning the lowest wage in all of the ethnic groups in Canada. Other complaints were that the top jobs in Quebec were given most to English speaking Canadians. That’s when the Francophone-Anglophone alliance was formed by John A…

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