Is Bullying Socially Acceptable? Today 's Society? Essay

1080 Words May 16th, 2016 5 Pages
Is bullying socially acceptable in today 's society? Not at all, actually it is a major problem throughout the world today. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, around one out of every four kids in America alone are bullied. There are three main categories that bullying falls under: Physical, Verbal, and now Cyber. Each and every category has a different style and effect to the bullying. In the end, there is always a way to contain and eliminate the problem.
Initially, the most common form of bullying is physical. This category contains any type of aggressive abuse that harms another person. It involves hitting, kicking, intimidation, and any use for force due to aggression. For example, 15 year old Michael Brewer was attacked by bullies on October 13, 2009. Before the attack he was intimidated, pushed around, threatened, and was stolen from due to him owing money to a video game. Days later, Michael was sitting by a local pool at an apartment complex then all the sudden five boys surrounded him (including the bully he owed money to). All the sudden, he was doused in rubbing alcohol by a bully, while the other lit the match. He was flown to the hospital with 80 degree burns all over his body, but luckily he survived. This type of bullying could have been easily avoided if Michael brought up his past bullying situation to his parents. He tried to handle it on his own and couldn 't stand up to them when he was jumped. Even Michael said that if you are…

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