Essay about Is Bullying A Problem?

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Growing up I never had a problem with making friends, or trying really hard to fit in. Where I went to school, it was not that hard. I went to a small private christian school with the graduating class of only 15 students. It also was easy to fit in because I went to school there since K-5. My biggest problem going to school sometimes was seeing someone being left out or being picked on. I have a huge heart when it comes to things like that. It ticks me off in so many ways when I see things on social media of a child being bullied. It eats me up inside, and I just pray to God that our world and society changes one day. We know bullying is a problem today, but it used to not be as bad. The society we live in today is so abhorrent it makes me want to vomit. People commit suicide everyday because of punks that treat them like they are bunk. It saddens me. Bullying can have very many consequences to it. We must understand that this type of bullying can get out of control very easily, and it is useful to know what can happen. Teen suicide is the top consequence that can happen. This has raised so high in increasing in bullying on social media, teens cannot handle the emotional stages, it must be stopped! (Colar Bully Radar). Hearing that teens cannot handle their own emotional capacity to deal with this, and it gets so bad that they kill themselves, that is is barmy. Suicide may be the serious consequence of them all but it is not the only one. Several teens that are bullied on…

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