Is Broken Down Into Two Separate Chapters? Essay

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In today’s world, religion is often a subject where one is encouraged to tread lightly, where constructive criticism has seemingly lost its place to passionate claims of heresy. Thus, it is only fitting that a book co-written by a self-proclaimed modernist, in Marcus Borg, and an undeniable traditionalist, in N.T. Wright, takes the form that we see in The Meaning of Jesus Christ: Two Visions. Each section of the book is broken down into two separate chapters; one written through the viewpoint of Marcus Borg and one as seen by N.T. Wright. What results is a seemingly flawless representation of what the discussions about Christianity should look like when taken from the various independent sects of the larger religion. This book showed its readers that, not only can two Christians disagree on fundamental issues about the central character in their faith, but that seemingly different viewpoints of Christianity, when presented alongside one another, can be exceedingly effective tools for highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each argument. Through this form of academic debate, a deeper and fuller understanding of Christianity can be achieved. In order to comprehend the desired outcomes each author wishes upon their readers, it is quintessential to read the introduction to the book. Wright and Borg write together to explain their perpetual friendship and admiration of one another, regardless of the differences in viewpoints. They also go on to explain the goal of the…

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