Is Birth Order Destiny By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Essay

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There are a lot of factors that help determine what kind of person we are. From how we are raised, what culture we are from, and even our genes past down from our parents can be a contributing factor in our personality. In writing this I hope to find out more about myself by looking at myself through a psychological lens in order to analyze my personality better. When I was born I was the baby of the family. So like most kids who are the youngest in my family I was often the most coddled by my parents and my grandmother. I believe that this was one of the reasons why I was kind of spoiled, and was not very self-reliant like many children who are the youngest in their families. However, many psychologist know that while birth order does have an effect on personality, they don’t know by how much. One article called “Is Birth Order Destiny” by Susan Krauss Whitbourne from Psychology confirms this by saying that much of the idea of birth order effects almost all of the children’s personality is little more than a stereotype she does however say that certain personality traits does seem to have seem to typically gravitate to certain birth orders. Growing up I was a very shy kid who only talked to his family and almost no one else. I often sat by myself in the lunch room with little to no time interacting to the other kids. So like most shy kids I had many friends. This would eventually pass by the time I entered high school, but I still find myself to be social…

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