Essay on Is Biodiversity A Big Chain Reaction?

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Biodiversity, what, who cares, should we pay attention to this? The first question that should be answered is what is biodiversity? To put it simply, it is the study of species and all of their respected families. It covers the whole spectrum of animal life all the way down to the plant life and its variety of those species. Without biodiversity, we would all look the same and there would be nothing different. For example, all the different kinds of flowers you like, only one of them would exist because there is no diversity. It all comes into biodiversity is a big chain reaction. Without one species of life, nothing above it would live. Biodiversity is very important because we need all the different kinds too live. Then you ask how much life is there with all of this talk about diversity. To be honest, we don’t know. The world is so big that we cannot explore every single biome here. This is a topic that many scientists think about and try to do thing so they can try and grab an understanding about it. Many paper are written about diversity, and these scientists dedicate their lives to their studies for the world to make clear of this broad topic.
We need to pay attention to the world around us so we don’t all of the sudden have thigs disappearing on us. Invertebrates have a very big population compared to mammals. We need to pay attention and we have to keep discovering new life. Without new research of finding, we won’t know what will happen. We have to pay attention…

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