Is Beauty And The Geek? Essay

1315 Words Oct 13th, 2016 6 Pages
Firstly, Beauty and the Geek claimed they conducted the “ultimate social experiment,” and yet, remains considered as a show in the genre of reality TV. Since Beauty and the Geek subsisted as a social experiment, altered variables, for example the environment, influenced participants to conduct themselves in a different way than how they would behave on a regular basis because of the stimuli the show provided. Beauty and the Geek is comparable to Big Brother because they were filmed under altered conditions. For Big Brother specifically, in comparison to Beauty and the Geek, the contestants were placed under a much more controlled environment by being locked into a compound which was cut-off from the rest of the outside world. This meant no TVs, phones, computers, etc. The changed environment involved on both of these reality shows result in an altered, unrealistic reality.
Another reason both Beauty and the Geek and Big Brother depict an altered reality like all other reality TV shows is the drama factor. Beauty and the Geek, Big Brother, and virtually every other reality TV show uses drama to draw in viewers. For some reason, viewers enjoy laughing at the contestants as they bicker and fight with one another. Maybe it is because society likes to use the saying, “well at least I am not them.” This societal interest in TV show drama is what keeps these shows going, so the reason shows today contain so much drama is because drama is a driving force for the plot and career of…

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