Is Batman A Hero? Essay

1048 Words Mar 4th, 2016 null Page
Just because Batman is perceived as a hero, does that make him ethical? That seems like a simple question to answer when you have grown up and heard that Batman is a hero. Every child at some point in their life has thought to themselves “I wonder how cool it would be to be Batman?” But they do not understand the dilemmas that batman faces in Miller’s, The Dark Knight Returns. If a child were to read this book they would say a hero always makes ethical decisions because they are doing everything right. Therefor Batman is acting ethical throughout the book. Although when adults who are better educated on morals and ethics read this they may have a different opinion. They may think that Batman is unethical and although labeled as a hero may not really be who everyone thought he was. There were several views that I found while reading The Dark Knight Returns. The first theory that I found useful while reading the comic was The Utilitarian View which states that a person tries to reduce suffering while maximizing happiness. The next theory I found useful was The Deontologist View. This means that a person is required to follow principles which are rules of ethical behavior that must always be observed no matter the circumstance. The Final View that I found useful was Virtue Ethics. Virtue Ethics is when someone focuses on keeping their character good while being challenged with unethical situations. The Social Contract Theory is also another thing that Batman goes against. The…

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